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Big blues off our dock!! >> Late yesterday afternoon was the start of the spring bluefish run out back off our pier.The long awaited yellow eyed slammers are out back! Blues in the double digit weight class were being taken on cut bunker. It’s sure is good to see these tackle busters in our part of the bay once again. I’m sure the bite will last a bit, for the bay is loaded with adult size bunker, one of the items high on their favorite foods menu. The size of the bass in our area is also increasing. Fish in the mid to upper 30″ class range both in the surf and bay have been taken yesterday. The tried and true surf clam along with the well proven SP minnow were responsible for these larger fish. With the warmer weather forecasted for this up coming week, I’m feeling things could just bust wide open! So make sure you have all your ducks in a row, it’s almost game on!! … John Yac

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Fishing Report

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