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Christmas sales

We will be holding a Christmas sale Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd. Everything in the store will be 30 percent off excluding already marked sale items. We also have gift cards available !! We will be adding five dollars for every twenty five dollar gift card purchased. Our new winter hours will be as followed, Thursday thru Sunday 7am to 2pm. The cafe is also still serving breakfast and lunch w/ daily specials.

To all of our valued customers ,we want to take the time during this holiday season to thank you all for your patronage.We are truly grateful to you for choosing us.Our business would not thrive without your support. It has been our pleasure to serve you for 20 years and counting. We wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR.We look forward to making more memories in 2020 and beyond. From all of us at The Dock Outfitters

Fishing Report

Adverse weather conditions have kept surf and boat fisherman at home. The high winds and rough seas of the past several days have been the cause of this inactivity. So until these conditions change we don’t have much to report on... John Yac

Fishing Report

Milder weather for today in the forecast should bring more anglers to the water. The fish are also cooperating both for the boat and surf fisherman alike. Trolling the big bunker spoons are at the top of the list for these jumbo fall run bass. Case in point, check out Greatkills Bait and Tackle on Staten Island. The shop weighed in a 67.55 lb. bass yesterday on a bunker spoon! Closer to home, trollers are hooking up on bass to 40 lbs. also on spoons. The surf scene is seeing more keeper bass each day taken on sand eel looking presentations. These sand eels are quite large in profile so large Avas and Deadly Dicks will work nicely as far as metals go. SP minnows and Yo-Zuri LC minnows also matchup nicely with the sand eels... John Yac

Fishing Report

It's been a unpredictable fall run so far to say the least. Yesterday was a case in point. The surf guys were scratching to find fish and when they did find them they were lucky to get a keeper. The boat guys on the other hand were having a great day. I received a call from my friend Walt Dudley late morning yesterday, he told me that him and his friend trolling large bunker spoons were having a banner day out of Barnegat Inlet. The count was 12 fish with the largest one going 48 lbs. All fish were released except 2 for the table. The big girl slipped back into the water unharmed and if she makes it to next season 50 lbs. should be in her future. Now only is us surf guys could get a shot at some of those fish. So stay diligent you never know!... John Yac

Fishing Report

VETERAN'S DAY! The official day we take time out of our busy lives to thank all veterans, old and young alike for their selfless service to our country. For without their dedicated service we would not be enjoying the freedom and happiness we have in this great country of ours. So from the management and staff hear at the Dock Outfitters we say, "thanks for your service". >>> The fishing remains a hit and miss right now from boat and surf anglers alike. Fishing today may be a good idea, for the bite usually heats up with a approaching weather front... John Yac

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