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It’s been a unpredictable fall run so far to say the least. Yesterday was a case in point. The surf guys were scratching to find fish and when they did find them they were lucky to get a keeper. The boat guys on the other hand were having a great day. I received a call from my friend Walt Dudley late morning yesterday, he told me that him and his friend trolling large bunker spoons were having a banner day out of Barnegat Inlet. The count was 12 fish with the largest one going 48 lbs. All fish were released except 2 for the table. The big girl slipped back into the water unharmed and if she makes it to next season 50 lbs. should be in her future. Now only is us surf guys could get a shot at some of those fish. So stay diligent you never know!… John Yac

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Fishing Report

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