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Fishing Report

As the bait increases in the surf so does the amount of fish you can catch! With the arrival of the fall mullet run a bit early, blues and bass were hot on their trail. The blues are in the 2 to 4 lb. range with the bass at just keeper size and under. Fluke are still in around for the taking with IBSP being a good place to go. Remember, the 27th of this month is the last day of fluke season for 2022.

Fishing Report

Surf fishing right now is offering the anglers a mixed bag of fish. Fluke remains on top of the list followed by various size blues, kingfish, spanish mackerel, and even spot. The key to hooking up with any of these fish is matching your tackle, rigs, and bait to the targeted species. Crabbing in the bay is slow right now.

Fishing Report

Fluke and Kingfish in the surf. Our dock has a mixed bag of spot, blowfish and snapper blues. Crabbing remains a chore of weeding through a load of shorts while landing some nice keepers.

Fishing Report

Fluke, Fluke and more Fluke! Surf anglers are having a field day this year in the surf catching nice fluke in just about all location. Remember the regulations are 3 fluke at 18" per angler from beach or boat. The one exception is IBSP where you are allowed 2 fluke at 16" from the shore only!


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