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Fishing Report

Rain gear day today! The boat guys fishing just to our north are having a field day hooking up with large fall run bass. Some of the methods being used on these fish are, trolling large bunker spoons, trolling mojo rigs and last but not least, trolling umbrella rigs. Not into trolling? Try jigging various metal jigs they are also producing some quality fish. Lets not forget the snag and drop method when you come up on a school of bunker. Many of 40# plus cows have been taken this way. On the surf fishing front the bass bite remains a work in progress with a few nice fish being taken on bait and artificial lures alike. First and last light remains prime time. But this time of year, one never knows, so anytime could be the right time. Remember we have live eels, fresh and salted clams and fresh bunker... John Yac

Fresh Bait Update!!

We here at the dock just received a fresh supply of live clam and will receive a load of live eels tomorrow! Along with plenty of fresh bunker we will be once again be your one stop for all your fishing needs!...

Fishing Report

Bunker! - Bunker! - Bunker! That's the cry coming from surf and boat anglers alike. Large schools of adult size bunker have been moving up and down our shoreline. These bunker have been within casting range from the beach at times, so carrying a bunker snag with you is not a bad idea. Without saying, cut bunker is the bait of choice right now. SP minnows, deadly dicks and ava style jigs fished with a teaser up front have been doing the job for the plug guys. With each passing day the number of bass being taken is on the rise. November is prime time for us and if the amount of bunker present remains the same we should have a outstanding month of action... John Yac 

Fishing Report

Winds will turn west today and with the mild air temperature it should spell good surf and boat fishing conditions. More bass were taken yesterday on bait and artificial lures alike. Attention surf fisherman plug casting. Teaser time is upon us, with sand eels reported, placing a thin style teaser out in front of your main presentation is a must! You will be surprised at the additional hooks ups these teasers will bring... John Yac

Fishing Report

Fish or no fish?? That is the question. Trollers to our north have been hooking up on nice keeper bass for several days now. Bunker spoons and MoJo rigs are their weapons of choice. Slide down the coast, off our local beaches and it's barely a pick. The surf report. in our area is a matter of who you talk to. Daytime bait fisherman are watching their rods sit in their sand spikes with little to no  action to report. The plug guys casting SP minnows at first and last light are reporting some action on just short to just keeper size bass. Never the less have faith, the fish will come. Along with our Tsunami Talking Poppers on sale for 20% OFF, we are adding all of our Tsunami Swim Shads to the list at 20% OFF! ...John Yac

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