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Fishing Report

Not much to report due to the relentless N, N.E. winds out front over the past several days. The winds are forecasted to turn N.W. sometime tonight into tomorrow morning, but we're going to need a little time for the surf to clean up and get back to normal. Mean while the back is still producing for those willing to check things out. Small jigs, metals, swimmers and small poppers are your choices for back water exploration... John Yac

Fishing Report

Winds yesterday made the ocean front just about unfishable. With more of the same including a 60% chance of rain today in the forecast, fishing the surf has to be put on hold for now. But the good news is! The back bay has fish! Bass and blues are chasing metals, swimmers and small poppers throughout the day, it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time... John Yac

Fishing Report

Strong NE winds this morning is making it a bear to cast plugs in the surf. You will be limited to heavy metals and bucktails to get any distance at all. As far as bait goes, 8 to 10 ounces of lead just to keep your presentation in front of you will be required. But through it all small to medium size blues and now some just short bass are still present, it's just a matter of getting to them... John Yac

Fishing Report

Fall may be in the air today, but it will warm back up over the next several days. Blues continued to charge the beaches yesterday keeping anglers busy who were fishing whole and cut mullet. Don't forget your hoodies before venturing out today! Good luck to all those future surf anglers taking part in the Seaside Hights fishing club's kids surf tournament today in Seaside Hights. Remember we still have some fresh clams in the shell while they last!... John Yac


Just got some large fresh clams in the shell! Come get them while they last!... John Yac

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